Kamal K Bhumbla, CEO, BN Overseas, is a qualified lawprofessional from GuruNanak Dev University, Amritsar, a premier university in India. He is an educationist and has furtherqualifications in Science, and Management.

He has a strong understanding of immigration law, which has enabled him to provide effective and responsive immigration strategies and services to his clients all over the world .

He set up BN Overseas in 1996, a career consulting firm that has evolved a holistic educational package offering opportunities to students in selected professional fields abroad. He has been a key member in various International Forums as AAERI (Australia), NAFSA (Canada) & EAIE (Europe) and has won many awards and recognitions in lieu of organization’s pivotal achievements.

An extensive experience of 17 years and an established network, he has led the company to the position of being one of the largest promoters for Canadian education in the Indian sub subcontinent.

The focus of our IELTS Training and English language courses is on alleviating the fear of English among the young students and career men, and women.

There are large number of students and others who fail to make much headway in their studies and career, as a result of poor English language skills.

Our endeavour is to provide easier and more affordable access to high quality English language programmes, like Spoken English, General English and Business English.

BN Overseas is so careful and dedicated towards giving their clients the best service, because their success is ultimately our success.